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Sibelius Ultimate Pricing Explained

Sibelius Ultimate pricing – here’s how it works!

There is a lot of confusion around the pricing and configuration of Sibelius software – partly due to the fact that AVID have so often changed their pricing, titles and licensing policies. So we are here to make this nice and easy!

As we are official suppliers of Sibelius Software for AVID, we sell 2 versions of Sibelius – Sibelius Ultimate and Sibelius.

Which Version should I buy???

Sibelius Ultimate (Perpetual License – EDU) is the FULL version of Sibelius with all bells & whistles included.  It is the same software as Sibelius Ultimate Professional, but of course with Educational & Academic Discount for Full-time Teachers & Students.

Sibelius (Perpetual License), the other version –  does not have so many features as big brother and has a maximum amount of 14 staves. It does most of the things you would need for a notation software program.  This version can be bought by anyone, and no educational status is required.

Perpetual Licenses Explained

Both versions of Sibelius are sold as Perpetual Licenses. Meaning, you can have upgrades and direct support from Sibelius for every year you decide to upgrade your license. If you don’t decide to upgrade the license then the software will still continue to work.

School Site Licenses

If you are buying for a school you will need a Sibelius Multi License. This comes in 2 flavours – a Sibelius Network & Stand Alone License or Sibelius Stand Alone License Upgrades.

They cost the same, usually around £29.00 per seat (minimum 5 seats) – but work slightly differently. The great majority of schools buy the Network version. Schools tend to have between 10 to 40 Sibelius seats/licenses.

Installing Sibelius on Networks

Additional Software on All Sibelius’

All of the above packages contain free Lite versions of Photoscore (scanning music software) and Audioscore – where heard music can be transcribed into written notation – usually with some editing required for both programs. You can download a free version of Sibelius from their website.

Eligibility for Teachers

Important note: Private teachers not salaried by for instance in a county council are not entitled to purchase the Student/Teacher Sibelius Ultimate – I know it’s mad – but that’s AVID’s rule!

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