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Sibelius Ultimate Price

Sibelius Ultimate Prices (All Downloads) – Lowest UK Price. Confused about pricing? You are not alone! However, we have made the best choice for you – It’s simply Sibelius Ultimate below for only £231.66 ex VAT or the lesser, cut-down version of Sibelius (Perpetual License) for only £120.83 ex VAT.





Sibelius Software – The progression towards a yearly subscription

Sibelius Ultimate Download UK Price In the last 10 years we’ve seen Sibelius’ software progress in terms of features, quality of sampled sounds and technical advancement on the simplicity and ease of creating professional scores. Even with the inclusion of Tablets and multi-language functionality.

Many original Sibelius owners disliked the take-over of Sibelius from UK owners – Benn and Jonathan Finn by Avid. They saw this is a loss of personal control where their voices were heard and the request for features and subtle changes to the working environment would build better versions on a monthly basis.

We have also seen a pricing model change for software, especially over the last 5 years where price has been spread over a year, without an initial layout of wads of cash. Sibelius has also gone this way and the licensing of music software has been met with good and bad feeling. Gone are the days of ‘owning’ software, we rent it now.

Sibelius Ultimate Prices Above

Sibelius Ultimate Perpetual License – This is a license that allows you to use the software forever, this also includes an unlimited number of staves and extra features. However, in order to receive updates of new features, bug fixes and up-to-date versions you will need to buy a yearly upgrade – Annual AVID upgrade plan.

Sibelius – The original but without the Ultimate features. Sibelius Educational and Professional are the same but educational / Academic offers discounts for students.

Sibelius Network Licenses – Available for extra seats, upgrades & stand-alone versions.

Buy Online – Email sent with Download Shortly After Purchase.

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