Sound Engineering Made Easy with CD

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Sound Engineering Made Easy with CD

Top Features

  • Includes CD-ROM with sound engineering movie tutorials.
  • Perfect for sound engineering school / college exams.
  • From microphone positioning to digital editing.
  • Comes bundled with FULL software for audio editing.
  • Explains in simple terms what everything is and does.
  • Audio examples on CD-ROM of sound engineering concepts.
  • Includes printable templates for studio session logs.
  • Recommends economical equipment to buy if needed.
  • Advice on further reserach from the Internet.
  • Full Colour Book with diagrams, setups and easy-to-follow steps for multitrack recording.

 Book Contents

Section 1
What is Sound Engineering?
Where do we start?
The recording studio layout
The studio log

 Section 2
Recording your band
Effects & Recording
Recording the bass guitar
Recording ecelctric guitars
Recording acoustic guitars
Recording keyboards / pinao
Recording vocals
Drop-ins & drop-outs

Section 3
Editing and creating your mix
What effects?
Mixing levels
Adding, subtracting tracks

Section 4
From multitrack to CD

Section 5
ion 5 Reference section
Bouncing tracks
Microphones & Feedback
What kind of mic?
Microphone placement
The Producer
Production Techniques
Audio editing software

CD-ROM Contents

Audible Concepts
A massive 82 Audible Concepts to let you ‘hear’ what different effects actually sound like.

Multitrack Movies
17 Movies which are linked to the book to show you what steps you need to take in order to setup the featured Multitrack (Boss BR-600)

Simple Steps
A menu of steps when clicked on will show you the exact buttons to press. The movies which are linked to the book show you exactly what the book is talking about.

Main Menu
From the main menu you can print out the Edit Log Sheet, Session Log Sheet & Take Log Sheet.
Also, you can install the Full Audio Software program Audacity directly onto your computer.

Computer Requirements
PC Computer with 128Mb RAM – Pentium Processor 133Mhz or higher.
CD-ROM Drive
Soundcard (to hear audible concepts)


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