Skoog 2.0



Skoog 2.0 – Tactile Musical Instrument Specialising in Special Needs

A revolutionary tactile cube that will change the way you and your family enjoy, create and learn music. The Skoog is a powerful and fun music interface for iPad that opens up a world of ‘musicplay’ to everyone, including those with disabilities.


Tactile Special Needs for MusicWhatever your skills, abilities and musical talents, the Skoog’s universal design enables accessible, expressive music-making for children, parents, teachers, musicians and families.

How does it work?

The Skoog 2.0 is designed to get you ‘hands-on’ with musical sounds. It’s like a games controller for making music – it’s a squashy foam cube that acts as a wireless (Bluetooth Smart) controller for the App running on your iPad*.


Jam with your favourite tracks instantly! The Skoog App integrates with your iTunes media library or music streaming service and automatically tunes your Skoog so you can play along with the music you love. This is musicplay – just choose a song and get playing. Creative and fun, with Skoog you play to learn: that’s what musicplay is all about.


Musical Sensory LearningAs well as being physically accessible, the simple design of the Skoog combined with the software features enables those with learning difficulties to make and play music with peers without the need to learn traditional music theory. The ability to create and control musical sounds is also beneficial for a range of therapies and multi-sensory learning.



See the Skoog 2.0 in Action!

For individuals with a disability

For individuals with a disability Skoog is an accessible musical instrument. Adjustable and intuitive, the interface in combination with the App provides a level playing field for playing, learning and creating music.

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The Skoog App

The Skoog AppThis is the control room for your Skoog. It’s all you need to connect, customise and play, has full MIDI support and is compatible with iOS 9 multitasking. The App supports our unique musicplay functionality. Integrating with your iTunes media library or music streaming service the App can automatically tune your Skoog so you can play along with the music you love. Available from the App store. (Video Demo).