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Skoog – V1

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Skoog V1

Tap it. Shake it. Squeeze it. Give it a little twist.

skoog-sensitive-instrumentJust plug your Skoog into your computer’s USB port and play. Whatever your musical skills or physical ability, the Skoog software allows you to customise the instrument’s sensitivity to suit your playing style, which means that anyone can rock out to their favourite tunes, or use programmes like GarageBand to open up a new world of amazing music and sound.

Music-making is an important part of every child’s education. The benefits are well-recognised and include improved concentration, language, sympathetic engagement and social interaction.


  • Promotes inclusive music practice and musical expression
  • Boost learning, creativity and language development
  • Improve concentration, co-ordination, socialisation and co-operation

The developers of Skoog have worked closely with educators in both research and practice, and understand the needs of teaching and support staff alike.

Plug in the Skoog via USB to ComputerThanks to academic research that spans the fields of music, psychology and education, the Skoog is a proven learning tool. Furthermore, it’s a new instrument that creates a ‘level playing field’ for all. Suitable for ages 3 and upwards, children across the world are mastering the art of making great music – and for the first time, it’s without any barriers…


Skoog Software

Music teachers:

  • Removes barriers for groups who are not otherwise able to access music
  • Supports whole class instrumental music teaching for children with special needs
  • An ICT solution for creating and evaluating lesson plans in-line with the curriculum

Special Needs Teachers:

  • Promotes inclusive music practice and musical expression
  • Boost learning, creativity and language development
  • Improve concentration, co-ordination, socialisation and co-operation

Music Therapists:

  • Portable and easy to set up – quickly respond to the immediate needs of your client
  • Enhances awareness of musical cause and effect via combined tactile and auditory feedback
  • Hold your clients attention and build relationships through musical co-improvisation

Assistive Technology Specialists:

  • Software provided with a roaming site license as standard
  • MAC and PC
  • Access to support and learning materials included with purchase
  • Adjustable sensitivity, with customise and save settings options for different users
  • Mountable
  • Robust
  • The Skoog instrument can be played with any part of the body

Speech and language therapists:

  • Record any sound and assign to any surface
  • Use student’s own voices to explore sequencing and vocal interaction
  • Use pitch, vowel and consonant transitions to develop vocal skills

Parents of Disabled children:

  • Small, portable, easy set-up—no music or tech knowledge required
  • Everyone in the family can get involved in music making together—fun and engaging—a wide range of activities supporting home learning

Cerebral Palsy:

  • Can be customised to the individual for a wide range of interaction possibilities
  • Allows students to focus on the intentional aspects of their gestures
  • Can help students to develop and progress as musicians

Autism Specialists:

  • A valuable tool for non-verbal communication and self-expression
  • Easily personalised to maximise emotional engagement and participation
  • Helps to encourage self-awareness, empathy and social skills

For Advice or Questions regarding the Skoog please contact John on 01334 461244.

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