Sibelius Music Software

Sibelius Software

Sibelius Music Software is a score writing program, now part of Avid running on multiple platforms. Including OSX and Microsoft Windows.

This music software package is used by composers, arrangers, performers, music publishers, teachers and students. Used for writing classical, jazz, band, vocal, pop as well as film and television music.

Latest Version 

Sibelius Software 8.5 – We only sell the latest version!

Do you qualify for Sibelius 8 Educational Discount – Academic or Educational Student / Teacher ?

Info here on Avid Academic Eligibility

Sibelius 8 Network and Stand Alone Licenses from £69.00 for Sibelius Music Software!

Call 01334 461244 for an instant full school quote.

Sibelius Multi-Site Licenses for Schools

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Showing all 7 results